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Guerino H. Iandiorio

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CEO Osirc Solution S.p.A.

head of debt collection area

Massimo Iandiorio

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Director of Legal and Information

CEO Osirc Service

Tiziano Iandiorio

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Phone collection  

Credit recovery

Mirella Mungo

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President Osirc Solution S.p.A.

Head of creditworthiness services

Stefano Testa

Banking and non-banking

loans sector

Arianna Cattaneo

Insurance sector

Antonella Santi

Commercial information sector

Daiana Corbyons

Legal sector

Cristina Bongiovanni

Legal Advisor

Stefania Ferrari

Administration and finance

Osirc Solution SpA was born with values ​​and principles that originate from the founder of the brand, Cav. dr. Vito Iandiorio who after several years spent in the Carabinieri and as Director of the IRI Security Services, gave birth to a large project called OSIRC, with the aim of helping companies to have greater economic security by countering 'insolvency.

Our strength lies in the clear, clear-cut and defined vision capable of blending innovation, efficiency and seriousness and in a capable and honest organization focused on obtaining results.

The ability to understand the needs of our interlocutors and to propose, over the years, integrated management services for the entire collection process of outstanding and problematic credits.

By systematically and inflexibly combining innovation, technology, ethics with a wise optimization of our human resources, for more than thirty years we have been guaranteeing safety and reliability to our customers.

Large industrial groups, companies and prestigious credit institutions, thanks to our seriousness and solidity and also to our continuous evolution and ability to provide services with reliability and seriousness, turn to OSIRC SOLUTION SPA for credit management,

for commercial information for tracing and investigation, for assistance in the legal phase and for other services that we provide every day.


Cav. Dott. Vito Iandiorio


"The experience of OSIRC SPA was not a random phenomenon, but was born and strengthened by the various professional and human experiences that have characterized my life, first of all in the Carabinieri served for 23 years with loyalty and passion and subsequently as Director of Security Services within IRI.

These experiences have led me to know and evaluate the problem of citizen security and defense, to study and interpret the social impact of the phenomenon of insolvency, to devise and promote solutions to counter and overcome this phenomenon. Thus was born OSIRC SpA Industrial Security Organization, Credit Management, Commercial and Financial Information. Today OSIRC SpA counts among its clients prestigious national and foreign banking institutions, commercial and industrial companies, companies operating in various economic sectors in the Italian and international market. But the real strength of OSIRC SpA is to propose itself to the user with effective structures always operating at the highest professional levels, it is in the care with which it prepares and trains its operators through careful training and periodic updates in the economic - legal disciplines.

My experience, enriched by the creative and dynamic contribution of my three sons Massimo, Tiziano and Henry, who form the backbone of OSIRC SpA with me, are the most tangible and strong sign of our will to continue also for the future and continue with ever greater enthusiasm and professionalism in the long journey of our great adventure which is life. "

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Registered office:

Piazzetta U. Giordano, 2

20122 Milan (MM1 S.Babila)

Operational headquarters:

Via Rossini, 1 / A

20045 Lainate (MI)

tel: +39 0291527700
e-mail: info@osirc.it

PEC = osircsolution@pec.it

NO. REA = MI-2586295

CF / VAT No. 111 93500961


Registered office:

Piazzetta U. Giordano, 2

20122 Milan (MM1 S.Babila)

Operational headquarters:

Via Rossini, 1 / A

20045 Lainate (MI)

tel: +39 0291527700
e-mail: info@osirc.it

PEC = osircsoervice@pec.it

NO. REA = MI-2585917

CF / P. VAT number 11193350961

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