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Creditworthiness Consulting


To access credit, it is necessary to know your bank rating, to know the position of your company or of the shareholders that make it up, information present in all databases.

In the case of reports to the central risk office or to other databases, targeted actions are necessary to obtain rehabilitation of access to credit.

rating bancario
Riunione di lavoro


We take care of the analysis in all the main databases and public and private banking risk centers

for a current evaluation and for the restoration of NON POSITIVE data to return to credit.

Some of the investigations we carry out:

CRIF SPA historical installment payments and leasing;

EXPERIAN SpA . prejudicial to conservatory and protests

CTCSpA historical installment payments

CENTRALE RISCHI BANCA D'ITALIA trend in banks over the last 20 years and verification of anomalies

INTERBANK ALARM CENTRAL verification of the last 5 years for checks, cards and penalties, reporting of credit cards in the CARTER circuit and penalties prefect ASA (law 386/90)

CERVED SpA . bank dossier of EVERY SHAREHOLDER with evidence of the "prejudicial" of the HISTORICAL record

CREDIT SAFE ITALIA financial dossier for commercial and financial evaluation, analysis of the last 3 years of published financial statements.


EURO 110 + VAT


EURO 197 + VAT

(50 euros + VAT for each member) 




Access to secure credit today requires knowledge of one's banking position, since knowing the situation and the existence of any reports of one's company or its members is essential before submitting credit applications.

When there are reports to the central risk office or to other databases, it is necessary to carry out targeted actions in order to obtain rehabilitation for access to credit.  

The rehabilitation procedure begins with investigations in public and private databases to find out what you do not know, but that the banks control!

How to rehabilitate credit
After verifying your situation in the databases, if you wish, one of our consultants will follow you to verify that all reporting procedures have been carried out in accordance with the law and, where possible, will request cancellation from the risk centers. of your reports to restore your bank rating.

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