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Credit management

Today the common problem for every company is to collect their credits quickly.
OSIRC SOLUTION SpA leader in credit management and recovery throughout Italy, through a network of professionals organized by regional structures coordinated by the Central Operational Management, offers its customers different management solutions.

Riunione di lavoro
The extreme speed of intervention is the key word for a "good-natured" solution.
The original and tested Telematic procedures combined with the widespread presence on the territory, allow OSIRC SOLUTION SpA to arrive immediately and well.
Careful management of the compulsory credit recovery activity requires not only knowledge of all legal procedures, whether they are cognizant or executive, aimed at carrying out the chosen procedure, but above all a careful analysis, as well as a careful choice of best action to be taken as soon as possible so that the primary purpose is not ignored, which for OSIRC SOLUTION SPA  it is the recovery of the credit rather than the judicial act itself.It is precisely to facilitate monitoring as well as speed up the set of operations aimed at achieving the best possible result and aimed at reducing the dead times that often result in repetitions if they do not even prevent credit recovery, OSIRC SOLUTION SPA, thanks to the transparency and versatility of its software, as well as the experience gained over years of activity in the credit management sector, offers, through its legal structure, the management of forced recovery of the credit on the entire national territory.
Through a pool of PROFESSIONAL Lawyers we take care of following the entire process of insolvency and individual procedures that have remained unsuccessful, up to the moment in which it becomes possible to issue  the "variation note for the recovery of VAT", as established by Presidential Decree no. 633/1942 and subsequent amendments in addition to the various ones  judgments of the Supreme Court, as well as Ministerial circulars and the Revenue Agency. "

Credits  at "high risk" can be sold off with the without recourse transfer contract, governed by Article 1260 et seq., a legal instrument that allows you to:

  • Establish definitive loss for tax purposes

  • Reduce administrative and legal management costs

Osirc offers global advice to evaluate any possible solutions, case by case.

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